29 Self care Ideas for your Emotional Health.

1) Journaling.

2) Unplug for an hour.

3) Take a fancy bath.

4) Cry out loud.

5) Paint or doodle.

6) Clouds or stars watching.

7) Watch the sunrise or sunsets.

8) Five minutes of play.

9) Create a good small habit.

10) Get your hair done.

11) Put lipstick or lipgloss on.

12) Get to know yourself intimately.

13) Stay still in nature.

14) Try Dolce Far Niente.

15) Have a good laugh.

16) Check in with your emotions.

17) Cuddle with your dog or cat.

18) Have a self-date.

19) Splurge in a little luxury.

20) Practice saying no.

21) Do teatime.

22) Light a candle or incense.

23) Be radically honest to yourself.

24) Start a gratitude journal.

25) Get yourself flowers.

26) Take time to identify the activities and actions that make you feel good and the ones that don’t as well.

27) Don’t do anything you don’t want to do.

28) Set boundaries.

29) Enjoy a piece of chocolate.