Best-Romantic-QuotesI’m not one of the prettiest girl around.
But you make me feel so beautiful when I’m with you.

Best-Romantic-Quotes1If you look inside a girl’s heart and see how much she cries.
You’ll find secrets, promises and lies.
But what you’ll see most is how hard she tries to stay strong.
When nothing is right and everything’s wrong.


If I have two hearts
I will use one to love you
and the other one to love you more.

the most beautiful feeling is to see the person you love smiling,
and it’s even more beautiful to know that you are the reason behind it.

Best-Romantic-Quotes2Best-Romantic-Quotes3The Words ” I LOVE YOU”
are not for anyone to say from their
mount to their beloved one.
It’s feeling that you can whisper to each other from heart-to-heart
without saying it aloud.