I’m sending you hugs
and kisses too
so that you know
I love you

cute-love-poems1To have…
a wonderful life together
and To hold…
each other
from this day forward …
sharing every joy
and even in love.

I don’t think there’s a
single moment when it
happens, when your heart
trully falls in love, rather
a thousand moments, a
hundred kisses, and a
handfull of butterflies
that you make me fell
time and time again.



No matter what anyone else says
No matter what they do
They can’t keep me from falling in love
Can’t keep from wanting to be with you
Everyone seems to like you now
And I’m sure they always will
But no matter what they think of you
It won’t change how I feel
I Love You.



Reason why I love you :
1. You have the brightest,
cutest smile 😀
2. You make me smile !
3. You make me laugh
4. You’re really cute.
super , duper cute. I can’t
stand it.
5. You’re sweet and smart and
good – looking and absolutely
stunning and adorably dorkly
and funny. (and more)


When I first met you I thought “What a fool”
When I started to know you I began to find you cool
When we became closer I started to care
When we became lovers I couldn’t imagine life without you here
When we broke up you broke my heart
When we tried again I saw is as a new start
When you broke my heart for the second time
I realized you never were mine
And now I’m just lying here
Trying to heal my broken heart and stop my tears