You really don’t always
have to be super nice.
sometimes you have to show
your bad side to that you
can sort out who can accept
you at your words.









 Famous Quotes About Love Picture

famous-quotes-about-love-picture2Love isn’t when you can
name a million things
you love about the person
Love is when
you can’t even find words
to describe how you feel about them.


I am
… a Woman
… a Lady
… a Girl
… a Child
… a Baby
rolled into one.
…. A man who knows
how to treat me like one
all at the same time,
deservethe Best of Me !

famous-quotes-about-love-picture4   famous-quotes-about-love-picture5

Every woman’s heart has
different instructions.
They’re written through
her eyes, in her smile,
through he actions and
in her tears. She just has
to find someone who
cares enough to read

In life you will realize that
there is a purpose for everyone
you meet. Some will test you,
some will use you, and some
will teach you. But most
important are the ones that
bring out the best in you.
Those are the ones worth
keeping around.