inspirational-quotes-about-lovethe secret of a happy marriage remains a secret.
~ henny Youngman

inspirational-quotes-about-love2You see things;
abd you say, “Why?”
but I dream things that never were;
and I say, “Why not?”
~ George Bernard Shaw




inspirational-quotes-about-love3Sweet words are easy yo say,
sweet things are easy to buy,
but sweet people like you
are difficult to find…
life ends when you
stop dreaming..
Hope ends when you
stop believing…
love ends when you stop caring..
friendship ends when you
stop sharing..
Forgive the heart
that hurts you..
and don’t hurt the heart
that loves you..
don’t cry over anyone
who won’t cry over you..!





If you can’t get
someone out of
your head, maybe
they are supposed
to be there.









Success isn’t just
about what you accomplish
in your life.
it’s about what you
inspire others to do.