No matter how many
times I break down,
there is always a
little piece of me
that says
NO, you’re not done yet
get BACK UP!

A smile is a promise of happiness
a tear is a glimmer of hope
love… it is but pure inspiration.


Instead of wishing you were someone else,
be proud of who you are.
You never know
who has been looking
at you wishing
they were you…

When someone walks out of your
life, let them. There’s no use in
wasting your time on people that
leave you. What you make of
yourself and your future is no
longer tied to them. Yeah, you
may miss them. But remember that
you weren’t the one that gave up.


You are right, I have changed…
I tell you how I feel now rather
than letting you walk all over me.
Thanks for making me stronger
so I can now stand up to you !
~ Karen Kostyla