best-famous-quotes-about-lovebest-famous-quotes-about-love1Good deed’s will last forever
Like the flowers, we must die
and the fragrance remains forever
Like the times, we must treasure
and the journey continue’s forever
Like the true love, will last forever
And the sweetness inside remains forever
like the diamond in the sky sparkles
for now and ever.

Wish you were here…
Holding my hand…
Wish you were here
kissing my lips…
wish you were here…
Doing all that
we did together !


best-famous-quotes-about-love2When you touch someone
with your spirit, and it turn
they touch your soul with
their heart.

best-famous-quotes-about-love3It’s crazy how the
person who makes
you smile the most,
can hurt you the most.

best-famous-quotes-about-love4You know you’re in love
when you can’t fall asleep
because reality is finally
better than your dreams.