Tumblr-Image-QuotesBoys become men when they
1. Follow you when you walk out
2. call you back when you hang up
3. hug you when you punch him
4. kiss you when you nag
5. watch chick-flicks with you
6. tolerate your crying over love stories
7. hand you the remote control
8. pass on booze night just to listen to your rantings
9. don’t flare up when you give car directions
10. says “I’m sorry” and tells you he needs you


Sometimes, people choose to leave not because of selfish reasons.
But they just know that things will get worse if they stay.




Without you days are like :
x Saddy
x Moanday
x Tearsday
x Wasteday
x Thirstday
x Frightday
x Shatterday



Tumblr-Image-Quotes2Girl : goodbye.
Boy : Why? 🙁
Girl : I found someone better.
Boy : I found someone too, but I closed my eyes just to stay with you.
It’s amazing how you love easily
fall in love with someone
who simply smiles, talks or stares at you.
The only hard thing to do is to
make that person fall for you.