what-is-true-love-quotesLove is when you shed a tear
and you still love him, it’s when
he loves another girl but you still smile
and say I’m happy for you when all you
really do is CRY…….


what-is-true-love-quotes1You tell me that no one
cares about you, but don’t
see that the person who cares
about you the most is standing
right infront of you.






what-is-true-love-quotes2Love is just a word
until someone comes
along and gives it
~ Aleph, Paulo Coelho.


There are a lot of
people who call you
by your name.
But there is only
who can make it sound
so damn Special.
I would give up happiness to
never see you sad, I would give
up eternity to be with you always,
I would give up my life so that
yours would be new… I’d give up
everything… except you.